Everything Exists for A Relationship



You and I are here today, wherever we are now, for one purpose – to have a relationship. Not just human beings, but every living thing on earth exists for a relationship – cat, dog, ant, plant. But that’s not all. Every single nonliving object on earth, created or manufactured – stone, river, pen, knife, computer – exists to facilitate and enhance a relationship. Now if some objects are used by man to destroy relationships it is not in any way the fault of the object.

The single most important activity in your life today is building relationships, starting with your loved ones.

Obviously, nothing exists for a relationship for a person to whom everything had its origin in a primordial nonrelationship. If everything is an offspring of a primeval accident or aberration, then everything can logically exist for one purpose only – to survive at the cost of every other existence by becoming the fittest, which is possible only by making others less fit than it.

Everything exists for only one purpose for the one who believes in that origin – to aid him or her, to please em, to comfort em and to give em pleasure in es relentless quest to make es survival as fit as possible.

But if you are among those who believe that the universe and all things in it, including you and the people in your life, were put here for a purpose that transcends the self, then you’d better be taking great care to ensure the continuance and health of your relationships. You’d better be always building and developing relationships all around you, otherwise the relationships are going to wane and eventually wither away. There is no middle ground in relationships. You build, develop and cherish, or you neglect, demolish and cast away.

Every uplifting word you speak today will go unswervingly on its ordained course to build a better relationship; every harsh word that you utter, if left unchecked, will be an avalanche gathering even harsher words and acts and crash in the abyss of a bitter relationship. This is the ultimate result of the universal law of cause and effect.

This causal law of relationships is just as immutable as the laws of gravity and motion, because its course of action cannot be altered or modified by any force in the universe. But the effects of the causes generated in a relationship are more inexorable than the effects arising from the causes set forth from any physical law in the universe. The law of gravity, for example, is absolutely immutable, but it is not absolutely inexorable in every instance. A man who defies or does not believe in the law of gravity and jumps from a five-storey building to prove he is right suffers the inexorable consequence. But I have heard of at least one published case of two drunks opening what they thought was a door and falling from the French window down several floors, and then getting up from the ground and staggering away arm in arm. But I am yet to see or hear of a case of someone escaping the inexorable effects of the causes he or she set rolling in es relationships.

As a parent, every word you speak to your child is going to enter his or her conscious and from there into es heart and boomerang to you in amplified effect. Ever noticed that when a child screams at es parent it is always at about 50 decibels higher than it is when the parent shouts at em? The words that wound the child’s heart continue to have their domino effect even into his or her adulthood, spilling into es relationship with es spouse, es children, es colleagues, es fellow commuters, and even with es Dalmatian that jumps on em in affectionate greeting when he or she returns home after an unnice day at work. Put the blame on es father or grandfather, or somebody else up the line, who got the verbal cannonballs avalanching down the generations.

As a husband or wife, every word you speak to your spouse is like a chunk of concrete falling from the ceiling of a beautiful edifice, or a polished stone that goes to further reinforce the foundation. A golden wedding anniversary celebrating 50 years of intimate relationship happens when all the words and acts of the husband and the wife through the marital decades have inexorably gone on to build a perpetually blissful home for the couple. A divorce after 10 or 20, or even 30 years, happens when the dagger-sharp words and deeds kept tearing pieces off the marriage castle year after year, until there was nothing left to live in, and the couple go scouring for a new dream castle to live in.

‘I am a marvelous housekeeper’, said Zsa Zsa Gabor. ‘Every time I leave a man, I keep his house.’ The beautiful actress had nine mansions to abide in for life, but not a single soul to abide with for aye.

May your every word go forth to soothe, and not to seethe. Let your fingers handle to bring the healing touch, to always caress and to fondle, and never to harass.

This website has one purpose in all its contents – that you and your family may go on to build beautiful relationships which you can pass as your greatest legacy to your descendants.

We have all made such a fetish of financial success and forgotten frequently that success of any kind, when it does not include success in one’s personal relationships, is bound in the end to leave both the man and the woman with very little real satisfaction.   Eleanor Roosevelt


Pappa Joseph



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