Bread and Love for a Hungry World

Books by Joseph Cherian


This book is likely to change your perspective of the world you live in today. It recounts the story of the incredible transworld journey of Gabriel Zachery, a schoolteacher of the modern times who was, against his will, overtaken by a supernatural event and transported to the last generation of the antediluvian world-the generation of Noah.

At the end of his journey and return to his original generation, he narrated his story to his best friend, the author of this book, who recorded it and transcribed it faithfully “without omission or adjection.”Here then is the heart-jolting testimony of what his late friend witnessed in Tubal-Cain and what that means for our present generation, unbelievable as the recountal of it may seem to the reader.


The purpose of this book is to inspire you to use English in a way that will influence the minds and hearts of the people you communicate with and open doors of opportunity for you not only in your local region but around the globe. It is the fruit of the author’s forty years of experience in teaching students and professionals to write and speak effectively in English—brought to you in one handy volume.

This is a book that will radically transform the way you write, speak, and even think, in the English language; encourage you to break every idiotic rule passed down by tradition and to make a few bold ones of your own; and serve as your crucial stepping stone to using English intelligently, confidently, and influentially in the highest business, professional, and social circles in the international sphere.