World Daily Bread

Bread and Love and Hope for A Hungry, Unloved, and Hopeless World

Bread, Love, and Hope For The Nations

Personal from Pappa Joseph


Stop the Genocide of Babies Or Prepare for Genocide

Let’s see what this baby is doing: Her hands are busy exploring and interacting with other parts of her body. She feels a hair stroke on her cheek and makes protective movements to avoid it. She then makes graceful stretching and rotational movements of her head, arms and legs.

Punish the Guilty, But Not Their Families Too

Let every right be taken from prisoners, if necessary, but no human court has the right to impose restrictions on the members of a prisoner’s family. It is the rights of the families of the incarcerated people that the courts should be pondering.

Prioritize Farming, Or Bring the World to the Edge of Starvation

While most billionaires are engrossed in expanding their financial empires, some are pausing and rethinking their priorities. Corporate empires and governments can exist only if the ordinary citizen can exist in basic contentment, especially with regard to the provision of daily food.