Deep Insights for Good Success

About the word ‘EUODOO’


Everything Exists for A Relationship

You and I are here today, wherever we are now, for one purpose – to have a relationship. Not just human beings, but every living thing on earth exists for a relationship – cat, dog, ant, plant.



Have You Been Doing the Same Kind of Job the Past Seven Years?

If you have been doing the same work for the past seven years – I mean, doing the same kind of activities in your job, receiving the same kind of rewards, going through the same level of life experiences – I am afraid you may be unwittingly living on the mediocre plane.


The Two Categories of Achievers – You’re In One of Them

Have you observed that all the people on earth who are qualified and skilled workers, and who have achieved a measure of success in their professions, can be placed in two categories?