Influential English

Using English Intelligently, Influentially, and Internationally for Worthy Causes


Howlers, Bloopers, and Gaffes
Howler   –   ‘A stupid or glaring mistake, especially an amusing one.’
Blooper  –   ‘An embarrassing error.’
Gaffe     –   ‘An unintentional remark causing embarrassment to its originator.’

English Smarties & Beauties
Words and Phrases Used Smartly in Beautiful Sentences

An Imperial Legacy of Idiotic English
One of the starting motivators for writing my book ‘Idiotic English and Idiomatic English’ was a signboard I saw in my once British governed hometown.

If We Stick Too Hard to the Rules of English Usage
I have always been critical of my English miss who insisted in my school days that a singular pronoun such as ‘everyone’ cannot be the antecedent of a plural possessive pronoun such as ‘their’.

Bracing Yourself for the Jolt Factor
There is a place in a man’s body that is known as the J-Spot. It is more pronounced in a man than in a woman, I think, and, unlike the G-Spot, has far-reaching and lethal consequences.

Are You Afraid of the Fourice?
My former company driver was also our mailman. He communicated with his colleagues in a language that was half pidgin English and half what sounded like pigeon talk.

Do You Use ‘Their’ to Refer to ‘He’? Superb!
It’s not enough that a professional uses English with grammar textbook correctness. They must adapt their language to changing trends in usage.

Doodling About Noodles in Malaysia
‘Noodles.’  The word piped in from the cubicle adjacent to mine. And that is one item in the English vocabulary that perks up my ears, props up my seat, and peps up my limbs without fail whenever I hear it.