Insights for Great Governance


A Great Nation Doesn’t Send Its Debtors to Prison
From ancient times until the present generation, there have been nations great in might and wealth and extent, but with a heart as small as the paltry amounts owed by its debtor citizens

Nations and Leaders Not Preparing For The Singularity Will Fall Behind!
This may be one of the most important articles you have read for preparing yourself and helping your nation prepare for the earth-changing technology shock coming in your lifetime.

Punish the Guilty But Not Their Families Too
In 2003, US Supreme Court justices struggled with the question of whether inmates have a constitutional right to visits with friends and family.

How Nations Are Educating Their Children to Destruction
The nations today are educating their people to disbelieve in God and to disobey his laws. That is the single most tragic consequence of the educational system.

Stop the Genocide of Babies Or Prepare for Genocide
Let’s see what this baby is doing:  Her hands are busy exploring and interacting with other parts of her body. She feels a hair stroke on her cheek and makes protective movements to avoid it.

Show Mercy to Those You Are Keeping Behind Iron Bars
Until a new world order emerges, there will always be criminals in every society, and there will always be prisons to contain crime and restrain the criminals.

Becoming A Leader Who is Great in the Sight of Man and God
There have been leaders who were great in the sight of man but not in God’s, and leaders who were great in God’s sight but not man’s, and there have been leaders who were great in both God’s and man’s sight.

Fight in the War Against Noise in Your City
Noise pollution is causing more damage to the balance of human life than people generally realize. Noise affects both health and behavior.

India At Great Risk of A Rabies Pandemic
In 2001, an unwise law came into effect all over the nation. Nobody can kill a stray dog anymore. Within the next ten years, India’s stray dog population skyrocketed.

Which Is The Greatest Nation on Earth Today?
The greatest nation on earth, not in might or wealth or size, but in the caliber of its national soul, is the one that most earnestly governs its people with the same four vital qualities of its great leaders.