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Punish the Guilty, But Not Their Families Too

Let every right be taken from prisoners, if necessary, but no human court has the right to impose restrictions on the members of a prisoner’s family. It is the rights of the families of the incarcerated people that the courts should be pondering.

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Punish the Guilty But Not Their Families Too

Courtesy: publik15 –   In 2003, US Supreme Court justices struggled with the question of whether inmates have a constitutional right to visits with friends and family. The state of Michigan had imposed stricter visitation policies to ‘better protect visitors and to stop the smuggling of drugs and weapons’.  

Show Mercy to Those You Are Keeping Behind Iron Bars

“A society should be judged not by how well it treats its outstanding citizens, but by how it treats its criminals.”  Dostoyevsky   Until a new world order emerges – which will surely emerge if there is a good God somewhere in the universe waiting to usher it on earth – there will always be […]

Potato Can Relieve World Hunger

Potato has potential as an antidote to hunger caused by higher food prices, a population that is growing by one billion people each decade, climbing costs for fertilizer and diesel, and more cropland being sown for biofuel production.

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