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About Pappa Joseph

Joseph Cherian, who is called Pappa Joseph by many who have been encouraged by his messages, is a relationships counselor, spiritual teacher, author, and English language reformist. The deep insights he gives you in his messages is the fruit of a half century of fervent study of human relationships in the physical and spiritual dimensions.

During those decades, God prepared him for a global mission by allowing him to go through experiences so intense, often deadly, and so peculiar, it is likely his spiritual journey probably has few parallels in this generation: near-deaths, profligate living, cultism, near-suicide, rejection of his religion and attempts to publicly denounce it wherever he could, severe penury, imprisonments, living as a fugitive, alcoholism, frequent bouts of depression, fearful battles against demonic attacks, and finally, his unconditional surrender to God. Through all his years of extreme tribulation, he was miraculously delivered from each deathly situation by timely intervention from heaven.

When the apostate was at the deepest mire in his life, his Creator personally revealed himself to him through an unbelievably dramatic epiphany. With this encounter, God won him over and transfigured him with the revelation of the Creator’s awesome love and purpose for his life.

It is the extremely intense experiences in the life that have equipped him with the understanding and empathy to offer people perceptive counseling on all aspects of their relationships.